Canadian Military Medical Services
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An initiative of the Royal Canadian Medical Service Association.


The Canadian Military Medical Services Virtual Museum, an initiative of the Royal Canadian Medical Services Association, aims to allow visitors to explore Canada’s military medical services, from the North West Rebellion to recent operations in Afghanistan. Here you will find virtual exhibits and interactive learning resources, including local exhibits and collections from Regular Force and Reserve Health Services units. The historical photographs reproduced in these pages are either originals preserved in the various collections, or belong to the public domain. Where possible, the source is indicated. All other material known to be copyrighted is reproduced here with the permission of the copyright holder. Permission is granted to reproduce these images provided they are reproduced as is and appropriate credit is given. The information provided on these pages is as precise as possible; however, some mistakes are probably inevitable.

Curator: LCol Wayne Dauphinee, CD, RCMS/CFMS/RCAMC Retired

Membership: The Organization of Military Museums of Canada


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Canadian Military Medical | Virtual Museum

Canadian Military Medical | Virtual Museum


Canadian Medical Corps Memorabilia and Artifacts Held In Museums, Institutes and Military Establishments. This document, prepared by the late Honorary Colonel (Retired) Peter Lewin, CD, MD, provides information on the location and/or custodian of various articles of Medical Corps memorabilia. (Available only in English)


This page is devoted to notable personalities and/or events that contributed to Canada’s military medical heritage.

Memorials & Monuments

In dedication to all our fallen comrades and those that served. Lest we forget.